Dave Porter // One Man Soul & Blues Band

About Dave

At the age of ten, Dave could be found on the floor of his bedroom, strumming an acoustic guitar to his brothers' hand-me-down Beatles albums. He drummed in the school band, and by high school, he'd discovered jazz and adopted the upright bass.

Soon after high school, Dave left Virginia to tour with many successful bands, including southern rock legend, Eddie Stone of Doc Holliday. After years on the road, home called, and returning to Southwest Virginia, he lent his musical talents to leading local bands and recording dozens of CDs as a first-call session musician.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Dave uses live loops and his own pre-recorded rhythm tracks to create an eclectic mix of soul, blues, pop and original music. Be sure to check out the free downloads from his digital release "Under the Covers" available in the Audio Store.

Debut release "Desire" and "Fallen Angel" on iTunes and in the Audio Store.